Hot Girls Original USA Lotus Vagina ASA AKIRA MS-011
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Hot Girls Original USA Lotus Vagina ASA AKIRA MS-011

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Hot Girls Of 2011 Getting Molded Into Sex Toys

Three of the Male Stroker Girls of 2011: Riley Steele, Lisa Ann and Asa Akira was at the Male Stroker ranch today to get all of their fuck holes made into sex toys.

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the making of the new Male Stroker Girls models:

The girls seen in the photos are: Asa Akira, Lisa Ann, Riley
is also getting a Male Stroker but I’m not sure if she has been molded yet. No release date have been set for these new set of Male Stroker but my guess would be around July 2011.

One thing that I noticed is the Asa Akira mold. It looks like they molded her pussy and asshole twice.
asa akira pussy and anal fleshlight mold

This mold is pretty big and would make a great full size hip sex toy don’t you think? ;)

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